Well hello there!

It's been a minute! How y'all been? I hope this message finds you and yours well. I'm sitting here in my back yard. Watching colorful hot air balloons go by. And Mt. Rainier in all it's awesomeness. Just chillin' in the background. I have to say I'm feeling quite blessed at this very moment. I'm in my ‘happy place’. 

After thirty years of performing other peoples songs. I'm finally able to sing my own. With my own band. And be as busy as we want to be. It's weird to say that my full time job now, is writing music. To me. That's the easy part. Words come easy when they are your own. Or writing with like minded songwriters. Knowing all that I know now. And knew back then. You have to pirate up and protect your treasure's! Or you'll be forced into singing duets with pop stars and wearing knee pads under your bell bottoms. So I started my own label, publishing and record company.  Call my own shots.

So if your interested in knowing all that goes into making an album. I welcome you to come back for a visit. See what we've been up to! I'll be posting videos and pics as we go along. See how silly we all can get after a  long day.  Until then. Be on the look out or more updates and local shows. 

Waymore's Outlaws

Anthony Scarlati Photography~