It's All About Chrissy~

BIRTHDAY: October 24th
BORN: Seattle, WA
RESIDING: Washington State
EYES: Green
HAIR COLOR AND LENGTH: Very long and whatever color I'm in the mood for.                MARITAL STATUS: No one's captured 
my heart yet!
CHILDREN: None that I know of?
MUSIC INFLUENCES: The King, Chris LeDoux, Waylon Jennings, Jessi Colter, Clint Black, Loretta Lynn, Jamey Johnson, Ray Scott, Cadillac 3, Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, Highway Men, Patsy Cline, Chuck Mead Band, Jamie O' Neal, Patti Loveless, Dolly Parton, George Strait and all the great ones that have come and gone.
HOBBIES:  Hunting, softball, ridin' my Harley. Traveling, songwriting and sitting by a camp fire having a honk. 
INSTRUMENTS: My voice and dinkin' around with the harmonica.
PET PEEVES: Girls that have a truck and can't drive it. Pink camo and hunting with a tree stand. Get off your lazy ass and hunt! 
FAVORITE FOODS: Meat & potato's and anything BBQ. And a good wedge salad.
FAVORITE MOVIES: Tombstone, Jeremiah Johnson, Gladiator, Practical Magic, Miracle, Jailhouse Rock, Crazy Heart, The Hangover, Old Yeller, Lawless and anything scary or black & white
MUST HAVES WHEN ON THE ROAD: For those of you that know me, know this answer!