For all of you that have seen Chrissy perform, know without a hitch, that she loves what she does. After years of hard work and learning a few tricks of the trade. Chrissy knows exactly where she is meant to be, on stage. If it's playing local clubs and honky-tonks or writing new material. Her passion to strive through the sound of today's "Country" has a huge influence in her songwriting. During her session with Jerry "Jigger" Bridges of Waymore's Outlaws and bass player for the late Waylon Jennings. She sat down with Jigger with an acoustic guitar and hammered out nothing but pure country. She quotes "I had lyrics written down everywhere. Sticky notes, barf bags from the plane. A pant-leg from my blue jeans. Notebooks of lyrics that had no home. Jigger knew exactly what I was looking for and put them to life".                                                                                                                                  

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